Wildbear products

Our road Is Off road

Now, for the first time Bearmach the UK’s largest independent supplier of Land Rover parts and accessories, in collaboration with Wildcat have brought their unique experience and engineering prowess to the Land Rover owner with a range of Land Rover performance components.




We are proud to announce the release of what will prove to be an unbeatable range of the finest performance parts, identified by the unique Bear logo and “WB” stamp of approval.

Like all Motorsport Icons before it, the Wildcat is a Rally Raid car that benefits from a unique approach to driving dynamics. It’s a car for serious drivers who enjoy the combination of performance and the thrill of extreme off-roading.



The design and engineering technology infused through its international race winning DNA combined with a thoroughbred heart ensure that the driver is fully immersed in a sensory experience. Wildcat is a driving Icon that throughout its development has sought to produce excellence and engineered simplicity.